Kira is available to provide Expert Consultation and Testimony in child-related issues in the field of family law. This includes conducting Work Product Reviews, which are used to examine another evaluator’s work product for scientific relevancy and reliability, while forming opinions based on factual information without bias or distortion of the process. Her services also entail assisting attorneys in case conceptualization, preparation and presentation, developing line item questions, presenting education and research, and developing responses to foreseeable strategies of opposing counsel.

**Kira will not review another evaluator’s work without a court order to release the report, as this is a sealed document and should not be released to any non-party in the matter without approval from the court.

Recent Updates To
Parenting Time Evaluation Guidelines

In May of 2022, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) updated their Guidelines for evaluators conducting Parenting Time Evaluations, to include the education, training, and competence of an evaluator. According to IRFLP 1004, evaluators must possess the “same or similar” qualifications as outlined in the AFCC Guidelines.

Before agreeing to use an evaluator, it is always important to check their Curriculum Vitae to make sure they possess the appropriate training and experience needed for your client’s case. Reviewing the Curriculum Vitae, has the potential to save your client time and money just by making sure the evaluator is competent in addressing the specific concerns related to your client’s case.